​​Patient Safety
Medical Trauma
Complex Medical Cases 
Chronic Illness &/or Chronic Pain 
High Risk Pregnancy/Childbirth/NICU  
Wellness and Prevention
Advanced Care Planning
Palliative Care

Patient Advocacy & Navigation:
Medical Record Review & Discussion
Medication Review & Research (including genetic pharmaceutical testing
Second Opinion Research & Discussion
Medical Research & Discussion
Medical Testing/Procedure/Surgery Research & Discussion
Integrative & Functional Medicine Research & Discussion
Wellness & Prevention Research & Discussion
Medical Insurance Research & Discussion (no medical billing services at this time)
Medical Terminology Translation
Patient Rights Information
Medical Binder Supply & Organization
Health Care Team Building 
Preperation &/or Accompany to Appointments
Hospital Visits as Liasion
Education Accomadations (IEP/504 planning/college disability services) 
Government Healthcare Service Research & Discussion  
(such as medicaid, medicare, finiancial social service resources and/or Federal SSI/SSDI)

Caregiver &/or Family Resources, Education & Support Services
Mediation Services (helping families manage healthcare related disagreement)
Support Group Research

Community Resources Research

Advanced Care Planning & End of Life Care Planning:
It is never too early to start Advanced Care Planning!
Living Wills/Advanced Directives/Healthcare Proxy/Durable Power of Attorney/Do Not Resucitate Order
College Preperation Advanced Care Planning (Legality changes when child turns 18)
Home Health/Respite Care/Palliative Care/Hospice Research & Navigation
Life Insurance Research & Navigation

Funeral Home/Cremation Research & Navigation 
Organ Donation Research & Navigation
Body Donation for Science Research & Navigation 

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